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We specialize in ancient Roman cuisine. There are hundreds of Roman recipes, especially by Apicius, but also by Marcia, Columella, Pliny, Cato, Virgil, etc.

We also make a vegetarian menu and we adapt to celiac or allergy sufferers.

The dishes have a Mediterranean taste, recognizable and exquisite. The right seasoning with aromatic herbs: pepper, laserwort, cumin, honey, etc., following the recipes, gives them a special flavour, evocative and different.

Served in the triclinium (up to nine diners), in the biclinium (for a couple) or at a conventional table (up to ten diners). At night, we illuminate with Roman oil lamps, which creates a lovely atmosphere and keeps the place free of mosquitoes.

cenando en el peristilo
comiendo en el triclinium
melón con miel y pimienta
Sala cattabia
Panes romanos
noche de cena romana
Albóndigas romanas
cenando en biclinium (para parejas)

We research all year to be faithful to the original dishes and offer a varied menu. The roasts the spelt, rye and wheat bread, or the sauces that accompany the dishes are our speciality.

The tasting menu is composed of seven or eight dishes. It is abundant, as befits a Roman banquet.

All lunches and dinners are made specifically for the occasion, so you need to book in advance.

If you have any allergies or don't like any ingredients, tell us, the Roman cookbook is very wide and we can replace any dish.


-Changes periodically-

- 33 € includes bread, honey wine with spices, must or water and dessert. Barbarian drinks 1€ (beer and soft drinks).

1- Moretum, Appendix Vergiliana
(herb cheese spread)
2- Epitirum, Cato the Elder
(Olives sliced with aromatic herbs)
3- Sala Cattabia, Apicius
(Cold cream of cucumber and pine nuts)

4- Baked sea bass with plum sauce, Apicius, accompanied by
5- Salad with olive oil with violet aroma, from Paladio
6- Pork sirloin with garum, Vinidario
7- With garnish of Persian apples, Apicius

8- Melon or watermelon flavored with honey and pepper


- 10 € Chicken dish with garnish (Bread, wort, water or a soft drink and dessert).

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