Rural Hotel, Ancient Roman cuisine, massages and Spa

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The atrium is the inner courtyard around which the ancient Roman House is structured. The different rooms are distributed around the atrium and it is here, where the visitors awaited to be received by the dominus.

It is one of the most beautiful spaces of the House, both because it is an element of representation, as well as being one of the most frequented rooms. This place had to be crossed to get to any part of the House, but it is also an extraordinary place to enjoy.

We have two atria, the blue and red, one in each wing of the House, which added to the peristyle and the upper terrace allow customers to choose where to rest and be tranquil.

Atrio azul
Atrio azul y larario
Atrio rojo
Compluvium de Aqua Libera
jugando al Alquerque

It is in the blue atrium where you can enjoy your breakfast, and in the red atrium where you can get massages in summer, since it has the perfect temperature. What makes this place special is the fact that it is half-roofed, and that makes it so perfect to be in during most parts of the year.

The central open space (compluvium) allows you to watch the rain almost as if you were underneath it. It's like being outdoors but without having to bother about getting wet or burnt by the midsummer sun.

La belleza