Rural Hotel, Ancient Roman cuisine, massages and Spa

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Covid 19 Information

- To guarantee your safety, the thermae will be used exclusively

At Aqua Libera we recreated the private baths just like those the Romans had in their own houses.

We have changing rooms (apodyterium), so visitors only need to bring their swimming costumes.

Impress yourself, family or friends and enjoy our baths in their company. You can also book the baths exclusively for yourself and friends.

It is a great pleasure to take a bath in the winter, and all the better if it is freezing, thundering and pouring down outside. This could only accentuate the warmth and peace of the baths.

In better weather, massages are given in the atrium to the sound of the fountain and the song birds in the garden, harking back to the Roman Senators’ country villas.

Exclusive Bath (50 min)

Total 72 €

- Two persons: OFFER 40

- Up to six people: OFFER 55

- Guests staying: 25€/2pax

- Maximum capacity: six people
- Sessions at: 11:00 to 14:00, 17:00 to 20:00

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Termas romanas junto a Mérida
En el tepidarium

Here you can completely relax and at your desire enjoy a massage with essential oils or exfoliating soaps. Massages are also given in the pool itself, where the feeling of weightlessness while the body is caressed by the water and kneaded by the masseur is a fascinating experience.


- The duration of the session is normally 50 min.
- Bring a bathing suit, towel and flip-flops. If you are a pilgrim, we can lend you the towel and the bathing suit.