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We have tried to strike a balance between strength and relaxation. Our massages won’t leave you indifferent. You can always tell our qualified masseurs to give it softer or more intense, according to your taste.

They are given with essential oils and we also offer a number of special massages:

The Lower Empire Massage, made with exfoliating soaps. Offers an enveloping sensation, clean, aromatic, smooth… Add the rejuvenating effect of the soaps and the benefits of a traditional massage.

MASSAGE 15" 30" 1 hour
OILS 16 € 30 € 55 €
SOAPS 17 € 32 € -
4 HANDS - 55 € 90 €
CYRENAIC 17 € - -
MIXED - 35 € -
Masaje en el agua
masaje con aceites
Masaje con aceites

The Emperor Massage is given with the best of all of the above: it starts at the back, continues to the feet, legs, hands, arms and head. We do this for philanthropic reasons, since there are not enough coin in the known world to pay for this service.

The Four Hands Massage, is given simultaneously by two masseurs. This is a pleasure reserved for the gods and those few mortals chosen by them.

In Roman times the best masseurs came from Greece; so, in honour of them and because our masseurs are real masters as well, we called our massage in the water the “Cyrenaic Massage”.

Cyrene, a city located on the Mediterranean coast of Libya was a colony founded by the Greeks. In this city the best influences of the ancient world converged: the luxury and wealth of Carthage, the refinement of Egypt, the strength of Rome and the philosophy of Greece.

It was the birthplace of Aristippus, founder of hedonism, which identified the good with pleasure. This massage is a real treat. Floating in the water while we hear our inner self and lose track of time. The whole body is being caressed by the water. Perfection exists, we witness.

This massage is given in the Baths, suitable for two people at most and takes one and a half hour. The whole warm-water-pool is needed for one guest, while the other guest is alternating between the hot and cold water pool. This massage is the perfect complement for a bath alone or with friends.